Welcome to Report A Terrorist aka ReportOnlineTerrorist.com

This is a  site where you can report links to ANY Social media Site where an online Terrorist is operating.

We will promptly report the links and accounts  to the originating site and or the proper law enforcement officials

We accept links from archive.org, justpaste,it, Facebook, Twitter , send.vid and telegram.me to name just a few

We are currently on Twitter under the handle @reportterrorist and can be contacted there as well as here.

This is just t he start of our expanded operations.

We currently have almost 49,000 ISIS/ Al-Qaeda/ Boko Haram / Al-Nussra   accounts reported on Twitter.

Over 16,000 SPAM links reporting to the originating sites

And 440 Telegram accounts reported and removed

Our Facebook operations are kept confidential because of security concerns but you can report those accounts here.

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